Balancing Generalists & Specialists:

A Hospitals Guide to Strategic Management of Physician Assistant Teams

The healthcare market is changing. As one element of change, many hospitals are acquiring physician practices and their staff. There is significant literature dedicated to management of physicians, but what about Physician Assistants? 

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JSA Enhances the OR Experience:

UH Elyria Medical Center in Elyria, Ohio

Matching skills with procedure requirements is key for the success of surgical assistants and the OR as a whole.  Jackson Surgical Assistants has helped UH Elyria Medical Center strike the right balance.



Texas Hospital Association, Best Practices:

Outsourcing Surgical Assistants Leads to Consistent, Improved Quality

In this "Best Practices" publication, the Texas Hospital Association interviews one hospital CNO about her experience with Jackson Surgical Assistants. Find out how outsourcing to a managed service provider improved surgical quality, surgeon consistency and OR director control.

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Jackson Surgical Assistants:


A Practice Management Solution for Surgical First Assistants


Jackson Surgical Assistants (JSA) is the most sustainable choice for surgical first assistant coverage in today's healthcare market.  We partner with Hospitals to provide clinical focus and business expertise to the function of surgical first assisting via our privately-held company, a proud member of the Jackson Healthcare Family of Companies, based in Atlanta, Georgia, serving the whole of the US.

Our focus on the surgical first assistant function allows us to provide a solution that encompasses workforce planning, recruiting, credentialing, scheduling and daily oversight. For existing clients, our practice management solutions have produced outcomes that have improved productivity and increased surgical assistant coverage while reducing costs (see a recent client case study).  Hospitals, surgeons, surgical assistants and, most importantly, the patient benefit from our approach.


Our Goals:

  • For Hospitals: Improve productivity, efficiency and patient safety in the operating room while also reducing costs
  • For Surgeons: Ensure the quality and consistency of surgical assistant services
  • For Surgical Assistants: Advocacy for the profession, hands-on skills training, attractive employment culture and opportunities 
  • For Patients: Improve outcomes and promote higher satisfaction
  • For Payers: Compliant, respectful billing from a professional partner who prioritizes cases medically-necessary for a surgical first assistant


Are you ready for Accountable Care?  We are.


With Accountable Care's arrival, many hospitals, surgeons and payers are changing the way that they do business.  Jackson Surgical Assistants, which is Leading in Practice, should be part of your transformation.  We provide an economically-efficient solution (less cost than staffing an in-house team) that enables excellence in surgical first assisting with a focus on outcomes and operational efficiency. 






Praise from the Market


"Jackson Surgical Assistants provides us with comprehensive, consistent coverage accross multiple service lines with a single point of contact.  JSA shares our commitment to excellence and the highest clinical outcomes."

-Patrick Christiansen, CEO, Inova Fairfax Medical Campus


"The contract with Jackson Surgical Assistants has been a cost savings for the hospital, but that is more of a nice side effect to the real benefit.  What is far more important is the high level of expertise and quality we can offer our surgeons and our patients."

-Cindy Glover, CNO, Reston Hospital Center

From THA's Article Outsourcing Surgical Assistants Leads to Consistent, Imporved Quality